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Name: Ethelda
My age: 23
What is my ethnicity: I'm russian
Meeting with: Gentleman
Hair color: White
My Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
What I like to listen: Classical
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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10 of the best sex fanfictions out there on the internet

This Round hit all the right notes, from the mother and father of all fandoms— Star Wars and Star Trek —to The Addams Family and even Ben Affleck because, see, even singletons who have rocked our pop culture conscious are fair game in the world of fanfic. Instead, listen to the podcast and see if the audience chose wisely. Well played.

Those of us who want—not a nameless couple with no backstory in bed—but our trusted, beloved heroes from galaxies far, far away and fantasy, escapist worlds getting their due as we read and imagine them in the buff. Produced by Flying V Theatre. Well played, Navi. Not to be outdone, Latisha Jones went all in on with a steamy group orgy helmed by the sexiest Enterprise Captain no arguments, pleaseJean Luc Picard, who has a foot fetish, it turns out.

Another day, another voyeur.

Illustration of each participant by MayyDayy. Again, innocence was slaughtered. So why are you reading about it here? Fan Fiction fanfic for short has become a genre some would say a celebrated one unto itself. Ever heard of that?

Because this is a theatre site, and Flying V is a theatre group that produces way more than staged plays, so what the what?

The premise was simple. She has an MA in International Education, believes rice is the elixir of life, and, in high school, won the best supporting actress honor for the state of Missouri. Graphic De by Navid Azeez Think of it as porn for, and by, the nerd. See, pop-culture mash-ups in fanfic are totally game.

Celebrities & fan fiction stories

Slow clap, dude. Well, a staged reading—no matter the topic—is a performance. Think of it as porn for, and by, the nerd. More simply: Fifty Shades of Gray is adult fanfic inspired by Twilight. Also, laugh and enjoy a damn fine, tawdry ride. Consider yourself schooled. After host Noah Houlihan treated everyone to his own fanfic, presumably to help those poor Round Two folks bank more time to Google what the hell Miracles is about, Round One started.

Adult fan fiction world championships from flying v. here’s what you missed.

We always knew these two were not just kooky, but also kinky, right? While you can never see this show again, you can listen to it. More Resources Privacy Policy.

She may also recite poetry her first love when imbibing in alcohol. Fan—a person who adores something in pop culture usually a series—be it movies, books, video games, or show—often with a sci-fi, fantasy, or magical bend but not always. And then Navi—a Doctor Who virgin charged with satisfying a bunch of fiercely critical, omnipresent Whovians—delivered the 10 th Doctor in a Night at the Museum mash-up by riffing on British snobbery and voyeurism, as done by Weeping Angels.

Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Or, we want something inspired by those worlds.

Round Two, while maybe not as polished as Round One, did prove that, man, people can Google fast, and get dirty in a hurry. Two rounds i. Adult Fan Fiction: a short, made-up story, randy in nature, about something, or someone, in pop-culture written by a rabid fan.

Moving on. Its about paranormal investigators for the Catholic Church, which she reminded us of several times as they ravaged each other, in a Starbucks, and then ravaged well-known biblical figures. Skiffington asked what if Sailor Moonnay Popeye the Sailor Moon, was one of us, just a slob like one of us? Making it adult is a bit of a different ballgame.

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