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Not only because it's high time we stop freaking out about girls pleasuring themselves, but because it's great to see Plaza be so candid about the act of female masturbation in an interview. She held her own! Sure, it was a little awkward, but just look at Conan. He makes everything awkward. Even though there is a "boys will be boys" attitude towards dudes masturbating, there still isn't a mainstream acceptance of the idea that women can actually enjoy sex, and further, enjoy it by themselves.

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When her costar Scott Porter tried to salvage the situation by saying that day of filming was a "safe set," she quipped, "They request everyone to stay, because I like many As for which scene Plaza couldn't stop laughing during, she said it was the one where her character is "dry-humping Christopher Mintz-Plasse on his grandmother's rug. Plaza, who has two sisters, gave some words of wisdom to the other women in the world.

Vote nowand tune in Sunday, April 14, at 9 p. Aubrey Plaza is hilarious.

It's almost like no one's there anyways, and those days are the best days ever, so 'I'm crazy' is my answer. Will Jennifer Lawrence get her silver lining in the form of a Golden Popcorn? It was really funny.

That's why the interview she did following a Sneak Peek Week presentation of her new movie "The To-Do List" is such a pleasure to watch: it's hysterical. He's really funny, and I just felt like I was raping him the whole time -- taking advantage of him, better choice of words -- it was funny to me. I started out really strong with that one.

It was okay," she said of having to film a scene like that. It's a medium day. This is a known fact.

Though there's lots of sex and raunchiness discussed in "The To-Do List," the movie at its heart is about female relationships. Of course, there were also plenty of good topics to discuss -- namely the fact Plaza has to masturbate on camera for the movie. I don't know.

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