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Bailey jay pre transition, Hostess bailey jay up transition pre tickling

Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer returned this week for a third season.

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Create a free to unlock the full magic and wonder of Newgrounds! Crazy Boy-to-Girl transformation If you think Bailey Jay was convincing, you should see this.

Name: Carlina
Years old: 18
What is my ethnicity: Polish
My gender: Woman
Favourite music: Latin
What is my hobbies: Fishkeeping

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If they want to share their journey, as many have, then fine.

In defense of the bailey jay/amy schumer interview

Natalie Mars I mean it's right there in front of me but I also don't see it. Just my opinion on the matter You might as well ask transvestites to post a before and after pic of their making up art Sorry, Hada. Yeah I've seen a few other thre like this. I can't speak on behalf of other girls, but what I will say is Respect their privacy.

Others, want their old images to die along with their nom de mort. Some of my lovers have transitioned as I've known them.

This is bailey jay before she became a transgender woman!!!!! i hope this doesn't count as putting her on blast? i have nothing but love, respect and admiration for her!!!!! the only reason i'm posting this picture is i'm not attracted to the male body at

View Full Version : Before Transition photo thread. That's in the past for these ladies Nope not gonna happen, it would seem weird for me personally to post old pics of me as male. I'm sorry but I don't see what the point is. I understand lots of girls try to erase that part of her life but have some actually shared?

I love it. It's their decision to make.

Domino shared one on her Facebook and Venus Lux tweeted a couple recently Interesting, though invasive thread. But to dig and pry for it? It was pretty standard for family secrets and "keeping it in the family" whereas now sure it happens but it's a lot less prevalent.

They don't seem to go anywhere maybe for the best. Asking people who feel horrible having a certain body post pics of that body after they finally mannage to change it and feel a bit better about themselves doesn't seem like the best idea to me. Honestly, for some it could be a psychological aspect of some bad times for them.

It seems like young girls these days are way more willing to be open about their transition, whereas that was totally taboo a few years ago. Youtube has many FTMs willing to post about their transition. With that said, here's my time line for anyone that is interested. Pin interest wont let me scroll through the photos to the bottom I could care less about before and afters.

All posted by the person who went through the FTM transformation. There is unmeasured joy in following their journey and it brings new meaning to the term 'butterfly effect'. I'm not trying to be rude or mean here and I appologize if I seem to be.

Crazy boy-to-girl transformation

What do u say folk??? Some are willing to share their transition stories and progress to support 'eggs' that are just discovering themselves.

While she still may not forget her former marriage, the added pain of seeing the pics can be painful reminder of the bad times. Why do so many folks want to see the before pics? Wouldn't want to see pics posted here against the woman's consent.

She's just a cute person. I am not a psychologist yetbut I do play one in my mind! Transition is rough, and people cope with it in different ways.

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Even Vaniity has one of herself when she was a boy. Crystal from williamsburg made an amazing change,She showee me Her old myspace and she was a male bodybuilder type. I'm on there Also I can spot a few which are complete bullshit, they've just found a potentially similar boy's photos and published them alongside their girl pic. Vaniity is awesome most of the girls i know in real life, have one or two pics of their male self on their facebook you can try that route.

Some of us don't mind posting timelines with before and after photos, while others would rather not have a permanent reminder of the past. All rights reserved.

Boy are some of the girls who don't want their pre-pics shown gonna be mad I'll have to admit it's pretty interesting to see how far the ladies have come during their individual transitions I would hope that it would be inspirational to girls considering transitioning or in the early stages. With that I ask if anyone happens to stumble across a stray photo of anyone via social media, out of good form and respect don't share it without explicit permission.

I find them more interesting that just a pic or two. Sort of like a divorced woman who has moved on from her ex-husband and found a better life may still destroy pics of her and her ex.

That person is dead. I've sen that one on FB, and I would have got with her then too.

Youtube has videos showing before, during, and after photos. Every TG has their own reasons for sharing this information, or not sharing it. People are genuinely more comfortable being who they are now than it used to be.

She's so feminine it just seems fake somehow. That's bc millennials and gen z kids are more open whereas boomers were typically more guarded, hence taboos kinda being a kink for that lot. I think this is what you are looking for. Lexi is hot as both guy and girl allanah's before looks like hazel tucker and some picsthe before and after are not the same person. As for me, I don't mind posting my transition timeline. At the same time I'm pretty active in the trans community and often speak to other girls in their early stages of transition about all sorts of issues.

I respect their decision, either way. Of course no one has to actually listen to me, but it's only polite.

Bailey jay

I was a attractive hot well built fabio. I confess to some curiosity on the subject, much like wanting to see photos of friends and lovers from earlier times, but I've never desired to dig into it, to invade their utmost private thoughts and feelings. I'm always curious "what did she look like before the transition started, even before cross dressing".