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Chastity torment tumblr, I liked looking up guy that tumblr filipina

Would that be considered chastity and would it be fair to him? I really have this urge to keep him denied for a while before he loses his virginity. Pls help!

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Yes here we go I live in Torquay, Devon U. As no youngster, but a husband who still has a very high labido I will joy very much in sharing with you quite a few experiences that I have had. Some say that fact sometimes can be stranger than fiction, and I agree as when I recount some of the experiences of my life, I have to pinch myself in almost disbelief that such things could have happened to me!!

Name: Marcelline
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Male chastity is for couples! Lesson 18 - Male Fantasy. Upon ing this Agreement, husband will provide Wife with a set of permanent markers, blindfold himself and present his genitals to Wife so that She may decorate her property appropriately.

Wife must provide specific instruction or training in her desired rendition of this role. To enforce compliance with this Agreement through possible humiliation, the Wife has the right to expose the existence and content of this Agreement and the slave status of husband to anyone. First of all, you should relax.

Teasing and chastity

At any time indicated by the Wife, but without the suggestion of the husband, the husband shall immediately strip and kneel before the Wife, or take any position demanded by the Wife, either restrained or not. With this understanding, the relationship has an ability to soar to new levels, many never thought possible in male led relationships.

The relationship as a whole stands a great deal to gain as well. Why female led opposed to male led relationships? Taking total control of your family Female Led Relationship can be a daunting task.

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To reinforce correct behavior, Wife may, from time to time and at Her total discretion, reward husband for good behavior by allowing him a certain of minutes to masterbate under her supervision. Wife may instruct husband to be the dominant one and act accordingly, at her whim. Even a certain amount of fear. Twitter: PracticalFLR. Lesson 5 - Emotional Intelligence. Lesson 15 - Fantasy Vs Reality. Lesson 2 - The Return of Chivalry. Lesson 3 - Vanilla Female Led Relationships. Lesson 10 - Body Worship. The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will be touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and torment or even if it may ejaculate.

The husband is never allowed to chastity during reward sessions, but may get as close as he likes. The Wife has tumblr right to administer punishment spankings at anytime, for any reason, including no reason at all.

If you are the female whose partner has been talking to her about incorporating male chastity into your relationship, but you have reservations, let me put you at ease. Wife may order husband to drop his pants and show the chastity belt.

Chastity keyholder

Lesson 27 - Micromanaging. It is about giving women the power they deserve. Wordpress: www. The Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the husband at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship. Lesson 19 - Male Chastity. The term of this Agreement shall be for one year.

Chastity cage

If the Agreement is not cancelled by either party at the end of the first year, it shall become permanent. Lesson 23 - Female Guilt. This is a minimal guide only and does not limit the Wife to decide to punish for other infractions or for her entertainment:. Wive will intentionally deny permission in most cases.

Wife will give husband the key to unlock his chastity belt and start the clock. Hello everyone! Terms of this contract commence upon transfer of keys. The Wife may use any and all means of enforcement as described herein necessary to achieve the she desires.

Lesson 17 - Male Pleasure. I am pleased to be writing a blog about female led relationships, why they are necessary, and how you can have an incredibly fulfilling and lasting relationship where the passion never dies, and the sex life is always magical fun and exciting.

Should the Wife instruct that the marital penis be allowed to ejaculate, in order to reaffirm and strengthen the submission of the husband to the Wife, the Wife has the right to dictate the method of recycling of the ejaculate. The husband does not have the right to change any conditions under this contract without the prior written permission of the Wife. The husband is never told how many minutes he has.

The Wife is expected to use any and all means at her disposal to motivate husband to willingly and eagerly serve her for her pleasure and submit to her will. Lesson 26 - Gratitude. Lesson 6 - Trust. The husband must be completely naked when ing this Agreement and the Wife must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.

The Wife has the right to change or add to this contract at will and the husband must comply with the new conditions as if they were in the initial agreement set forth here. Lesson 9 - Outside The Bedroom. Lesson 24 - Female Style. The Wife requires the husband to torment a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis, and has absolute control of ejaculation. Husband must instantly strip completely when ordered to and wife must keep all her clothes on.

Lesson 20 - Male Control. Failing that approach, she may use whatever force is necessary to deepen his worshipful submission to her, which is the goal of this Agreement and the sworn chastity of the Wife. Lesson 22 - Female Power. Lesson 21 - Female Confidence. To maintain discipline, the Wife will spank the husband at least once a week during the scheduled discipline session.

Lesson 8 - Inside the Bedroom. Lesson 11 - The Submissive Male. Since the Wife no longer needs the marital tumblr for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction. Lesson 4 - Intimacy. It is the intention of both parties that the husband shall become the sex slave of Wife for the term of this Agreement, to be formally trained to serve her, and that the Wife commits to firmly and consistently using whatever force may be necessary to accomplish this goal.

Chastity slaves obey their mistress — she just loves teasing and tormenting you

Because female led relationships bring in more emotional connections and intimacy, based on trust and communication. s shown below represent the Minimum Punishment Penalties which accrue during the week for specific infractions. Male chastity is not just for men, nor is it just for women who want to control their men.

For her entertainment and to further the humiliation necessary to strengthen the training, the Wife sets the rules that dictate what her husband shall wear.

I know you may have concerns, issues, and yes. Lesson 7 - Vulnerability. For example:. Husband must comply.

Femdom, chastity, tease & denial

Lesson 25 - Female Responsibility. Lesson 16 - Male Desire. Lesson 12 - The Dominant Female. To insure a successful chastity marriage, the Wife may punish the husband as follows. As soon as the time is up, the chastity belt must be replaced. If requested by Wife, husband will acquaint Wife with the various models and types and agrees to obtain and be restrained in any device specified by Wife.

To insure a successful chastity marriage, the husband acknowledges that the following are privileges, not punishments:. The husband is required to advise the Wife when his workday is easy and he is available to service the Wife. This Agreement between husband and Wife covers the terms of the training of husband by his Wife to the optimal level of utilitarian and intimate service, as judged by the Wife. Both the submissive male and his partner stand to gain from incorporating male chastity into the relationship.

Husband will wear a locked chastity device acceptable to Wife at all times, except as provided herein.