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Mother Talzin, the spiritual guide of Dathomir's Nightsisters during the Clone Wars, held enormous power on her homeworld and wielded the strange magicks of the Nightsisters.

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The masked juggernaut of a villain in Jedi: Fallen Order has a look which may be familiar to fans of Star Wars comics. While comic heavily focuses on the genesis of Darth Vader and his castle on Mustafar, we also get to see the early days of the Inquisitorius as well as a mission in which the Inquisitors steal a Force-sensitive. Throughout the comic, Darth Vader is shown attacking and executing Inquisitors, who have a camaraderie between one another and are curious about their leader.

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Savage Opress. Log In. Nightsisters The Nightsisters are a coven of witches that lived on the mysterious world of Dathomir.

The Nightsisters are a coven of witches that lived on the mysterious world of Dathomir. Nightsister Zombies.

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Mother Talzin. Dooku Attacked by Nightsisters.

Despite their power, the Nightsisters avoided the conflict of the Republic and Sith, content to pursue their own matters. Injured during the Battle of Sullust, Asajj Ventress hijacks a ship and escapes to her homeworld of Dathomir.

Nightsisters History Gallery. The men of Dathomir, the Nightbrothers, lived apart from the witches, but were subservient to their whims.

Initially not recognized by the Nightsisters, they confront her -- until Mother Talzin arrives. The sisters ruled unchallenged, gifted with the power to wield dark magicks. Their betrayal of Dooku earned the Nightsisters a powerful enemy, and he ordered a massive attack by his droid forces in retribution. The Jedi gave them a wide berth, for they remain focused on matters on Dathomir.

Star wars jedi: fallen order villain explained – who is the second sister?

Count Dooku has had dealings with them in the past, and turned to them when he was in need of a new apprentice. Skip Disney. The ancient matriarchal order of the Nightsisters ruled the lonely planet Dathomirconfronting any visitors foolish enough to come to their homeworld without invitation.

Show More Loading We don't like strangers. Asajj Ventress. The Nightsisters drew on the Force for their powers, but the witches were neither Sith nor Jedi, and spurned allegiances with both.