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Do gingers have red pubic hair, I red pick hair that pubic has

It was the summer, and my cousin Lauren was staying with us for the week. For better or worse, I looked up to her for all the reasons that prepubescent little girls look up to anyone: because she was pretty.

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As a redhead, you grow up genetically different from most. For you to be a redhead, both of your parents must have a mutated gene-the MCIR gene. Many people are unaware that redhe are actually quite rare, with only one in people born with the genetic mutation. This mutation, which occurs in both genders, is caused by a recessive gene.

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BTW, I love your blog. You might get called Fanta Pants over here. And the Tim Minchin song?

Yes, if you dim the lights and kind of half-close your eyes, my hair could totally pass for brunette! Well then I know why you were named Amber! You could call it hot tempered but I say it was justified!

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I agree with your post totally. Oh how I can relate to everything!! Oh how funny, it rhymes, never had that said to me before! If you want to assume that all people with a particular hair colour are exactly the same as each other, though, well, I for one will probably lose my temper with you.

I love my hair colour and I adore yours! I like to tell people I was named after Amber St. Clare — i. I might have imagined that though…if I did in fact read that somewhere, it makes it even more bizarre that people are so crap about red hair.

Do people with red hair have red pubes (not always)

But I also have super curly hair. I know thank you. I have red hair, I work in a hospital and due to the high turn over of people I get asked 2 to 3 times a day if my hair is natural and told how I should never dye it because people pay so much to get my natural colour?? I have just met a redhead British friend. The freckles are no problem but it turned out red hair does not suit me.

Er, I DO have a fairly hot temper, so if you want to assume that all redhe are the same, then you could certainly say that we have fiery tempers. Maybe this is an American thing…but the comments I most often hear about redhe are about their pubic hair. Where was I? Oh yeah: when you have red hair, people mention it.

A lot. Dodged a bullet there!

Do gingers have black pubic hair?

And as for ginger guys not being cute? Or out of a bottle? I get creepers here in the U. My hair is now dyed red because it has started to desaturate in color to prepare to go white Pretty silvery stark white YAY so I dye it and I have a stripe of blue which is awesome and I love. And that pregnant women will want to hear it. You have the bullying at school and when you grow up you kind of think people may have moved on from being that shocked at ginger hair.

Love Jillxx. I love this post!

You HAVE to have. When you have red hair, you get used to people making a Big Deal about it — for both positive and negative reasons. I recently moved from Italy to UK and guess what? Thank you Amber for giving a positive perspective. Same here! My husband has red and very curly hair and so many people comment and say his hair would be lovely on a woman!

I mean, what a HORRIBLE thing to say to someone: especially to expectant mothers, who seem to be the group most often on the receiving end of this insightful thought. Why do people find that so hard to believe?!

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Must be because of your hair. My daughter 4 months old has verrrrrry red hair albeit sparse all over her head. It makes us annoyed when you ask idiotic questions like that. Adding up to the lista: I live in Brazil where people usually love redhe. Many, many times now. Yep heard all of those! He is also a very hairy man and has red curly arm hair and general body hairso he does get a few orangutan comments. Amber, thank you for your article. I have reddish more like an auburn hair and people used to comment on it all the time as I was growing up.

His son is staggeringly gorgeous and the brightest copperiest fieriest red imaginable — and my brother loves him to pieces. I come from a part of the world where natural redhe are very rare and l have always wanted to be one. This was a comment by a fairly intelligent person and as for Katie Hopkins saying things like gingers are harder to love, I know its how she gets her fame but its callous and heartless. Then people proceed to ask how she got red hair.

Burn her! Love this post! Why is your lack of sanity so bad? Love this article, I have heard all of them, a bunch just this week. Gingerism thrives in Australia too, probably because of our British heritage. They have redhair too…As if every redhead is some how all from the SAME family…maybe all refugees from a leprechaun island somewhere.

Fire crotch

Us redhe should campaign together to stop such wicked beliefs and opinions. As for the second last point — generalisation is stupid but most of the time I have to admit I like red hair on girls better; many of those cute little boys I see tend to have a rather carroty shade of red which is not my preferred nuance. Great, thanks. I suspected some of these things, but l never knew to which extent they were going. I was so jealous of their red hair, and love redhe with their pale skin. I think that your colour is incredibly beautiful. Or brunette!

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A friend of mine has two daughters with red hair. This post made me laugh so much. And tried to explain to me not only was that okay, but spoke like they were an expert even when I tried to speak back. We get those here too, unfortunately — I find it so hard to understand why people think pubic hair is EVER an appropriate thing to bring up in normal conversation! Right now I am sporting redhead look again.

I am a redhead and have gone through exactly the same things. My ginger family are beautiful inside and out, intelligent and awesome.

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I am a lovely long haired ginger woman too and besides from lovely older ladies sidling up to me on the bus and complimenting me on my hair colouring I am always asked if it real? It must have suited well cause I tend to get the most funny reactions when I tell people my hair is actually brown.

This is so true Amber. The comment most heard in school about my redhair was are you related to so and so?

Do gingers have ginger pubes?

Maybe because my cousin is a redhead and I thought she was the coolest person alive. All I can do is shake my head Haha!

Like yes. Far from it. It is so weird in my eyes.