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Emma watson bent over, Watson emma bent for guy to over

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The cut-outs are cool and the high slit is sensual.

Emma is living the good life as she reclines in her chair and shuts her eyes for a moment. Her rich ruby red lips are gorgeous, and the vibrant color looks lovely against her skin. Share Share Tweet. It fits her well and matches her style.

Emma will take what she can get. Her hair is shiny, her eyes are mysterious, and the overall aura is electrifying. Emma looks adorable in her pale pink dress, and the style compliments her great shape. The open back is stylish, and the lace detail is impeccable.

Emma is not usually one to flaunt her more alluring side, but this pic is stunning. Her blazer is mature and modern, and those sleek pants fit her body well. Not many women would walk around without a shirt, but Emma is secure and knows she looks great. Emma is blowing her fans a kiss as she poses for the paparazzi.

Remember, Emma is no kid anymore. Unlike the actresses who rely on their looks to bring in the bucks, Emma has the goods to back up her aesthetics. Emma is rocking the red carpet in this amazing black dress. Head-to-toe leather is a tough style to pull off, but Emma seems to have the style down just right.

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The different materials and flower de make this mini dress stylish and sweet. Emma is out for the evening in a cute hot pink mini dress that hugs her body in all the right places. Related Topics Celebrity. Emma would look amazing in anything, and this dress is just one wardrobe piece that she shines in. Emma has had many hairstyles over her lifetime, and this long look is one of her best. The lace adds some appeal, and the leather gives it an edge. Those high heels enhance her legs, and that cool ring makes the outfit.

As Emma goes up the stairs in her fashionable dress, we see her lean legs as they move along. These 20 pics prove just that. She may not look particularly buff right off the bat, but the petite gal is a powerhouse. Perhaps she shared it to social media or just sent it to a close friend or special someone.

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Melissa Kay Articles Published. With her hand on her hip and a confident pose, it is obvious that Emma is feeling fabulous. If she wants to explore her more exotic side, more power to her. She is a grown woman who has blossomed into a real beauty.

Read Next in celebrity. When the weather is hot and steamy, it feels great to ditch the clothes and slip into a string bikini. Emma looks cute and approachable in her adorable ensemble, from her denim shorts to her messy braid. The photographer captured her timeless beauty in this phenomenal photo.

Those silver shoes complete the look with a pop of shimmer. David Dobrik is dealing with some troubling allegations that have cast a dark shadow over his huge net worth and stunning new mansion.

Emma is wearing an interesting dress that is fun and fashionable. As a movie star, looking the part is a job requirement. The entertaining and exceptionally beautiful Emma Watson has been acting since she was just a. She may be on vacation, taking some time away from filming to relax and unwind.

Emma looks classic and cool in her black and white outfit as she strolls down the street. Whatever the case may be, Emma looks super cute with her freckles showing and her bold brows framing her pretty face. Her fans are with her all the way, so if she chooses to keep her career going, audiences will be in her corner. Perhaps she works out to keep her body fit and healthy, not to mention, to obtain the perks of having a fab figure. The lighting is lovely, her pose is perfection, and every bit of her style is sublime.

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With a face like hers, any hairstyle is a winner. Something Emma and everyone else should consider. With lots of acclaimed work under her belt, Emma is a sought-after A-lister, with roles that are varied to highlight her many sides. Aside from her chic hairstyle, this dress is a dazzler. With her brown hair well past her shoulders, she looks feminine and fabulous.

Between takes, she can warm up in her winter coat. Audiences appreciate her versatility and energy. As a hard-working actress, finding time to snooze is a rarity. Emma looks every bit the movie star as she gazes out the window and gives everyone a sultry stare.

Like nearly all of us do, Emma is taking a selfie. This stunning portrait of Emma is elegant and extraordinary. She seems to be out with friends or perhaps co-workers, and the night is sure to be an adventure. Each person can pick what they want to wear, but faux can look as fashionable as the real thing. Emma is showing off her svelte figure in her black swimsuit paired with matching sunglasses.

Her on-screen talent is off-the-charts, and her natural abilities are evident when fans flock to the theaters to see her films.