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With Fallout 4 's first official expansion Automatron already available for download, it's only a matter of time before hardcore fans start to tinker with it and discover everything that the DLC has to offer. True enough, players soon found out that the expansion allows them to make some adjustments to the appearance of Codsworth, the floating robotic pod that serves as the butler to the game's main playable character.

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The Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 brings a ton of new content for players to dive into including building and upgrading your robot companions. With the help of the Robot Workbench present in the Workshop, players can make different kinds of robots according to their needs. You can make wacky versions or much more serious versions.

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Travis miles: Prolonged eye contact.

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Smiling at someone and them not smiling back, leaving him to sit there awkwardly trying to fight back tears. What I personally think would instantly decimate the companions: Cait: Being properly hydrated Curie: High altitudes Danse: A singular flirtation Deacon: Deep introspection Gage: A bath Hancock: Tinky-winky the teletubby Macready: Income tax Maxson: Having a mother figure Nick: The fitness gram pacer test Old Longfellow: Science Piper: Hot Nuka-cola Preston: Smiling at someone and them not smiling back, leaving him to sit there awkwardly trying to fight back tears.

Okay the hat might be a factor Preston Much like curie you wanna make sure the world doesn't fuck with your partner same love languages apply as well. Doesn't have to even be some elaborate thing even just staying home and watching TV with your ificant other works.

Sturges: Not having the right gauge for his socket wrench X Someone smiling at him and expecting him to smile back. I don't feel any emotions for video game characters! The more they look like a kicked puppy the better Your probably extremely empathetic and want to help romantic partners learn to love themselves the way you love them Please rember you are also deserving of love and fulfillment, and don't skip out on your needs for another person's.

Hancock You love language is most likely words of endearment so you offend find yourself attracted to charismatic people or maybe acts of service You totally are attracted to the bad boy with a heart of gold type aren't you? Honestly I see you as being a bit of both in a weird way that totally works.

Your love language is definitely quality time.

Idk I think Curie and Preston lovers would be alot alike for some reason. Hancock: Hancock See this in the app Show more.

Why else would you be with Piper? Welcome to Heaven.

I hate Fallout fans so much you don't even know. Curie Your attracted to the soft innocent type. This might be a bit to far Danse Your a sucker for sad eyed boys.

I gave Ada the sexy assaultron legs back because my metal goddess deserves to look good Now who wants to bet Hancock would have the hots for her lmao. Or even better a moody rebel Your love language is probably physical touch. Hancock, waking up after a particularly bad trip Posts me in Fo4 hell Archive.

What I think the first companion you romanced says about you This has probably been done before but here's what I think Maccready You have a hate, hate relationship with authority Family means a lot Whether it be biological or chosen Your attracted to people who are awkard in an endearing way. Me: "I'm a tough boy! Your probably protective of your partners Your love language is either words of affirmation or quality time Piper You wholeheartedly belive in standing up for the underdog Idk why, but I feel like your a total book nerd Are attracted to loud disruptive women in the best way possible.

Cait You think being yelled at is attractive Need I say more? YOU are worthy of love. The magician patreon.