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Forbidden love with my wifes sister, Forbidden liked wifes woman sister withs theater

A hentai visual novel localized by Mangagamer in Available for PC Windows only. Censored genitals, full female voice-acting.

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While they work, Sasa pushes up close to Masayuki. Sasa approaches Masayuki and kisses him.

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Forbidden love with my wife’s sister review [adult content warning] | attack on gaming

The basic premise is that Masayuki, and his new wife are moving in, and the younger sister Sasa is brought in to help with the work. Well, mostly. I think we know where this is going.

The game does have mosaic censoring though, which is becoming rarer, and rarer in English releases, so it may seem a bit archaic just because of that. Sasa is thirsty, and the voice actress puts energy into expressing that. For anyone else, read on.

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It has interactive choices during sex scenes that are highly unusual. This is a recurring mechanic in the game, present for a few of the scenes which can lead to you teasing Sasa, or getting her off instead.

The actual seduction in the game is a little lightweight. There is NTR built into the title, so for people who severely dislike cheating, you can safely avoid this game.

The name explains the rest. Masayuki never puts up much of a fight.

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The background music does nothing to complement her voice work during sex scenes, but it fits the mood for exposition during the setup of the story. Now I specialize in writing about visual novels for JList — especially fantasy ones — but my visual novel taste knows few bounds.

It holds a special place in my library as a result. You may also like. Sasa flings herself at Masayuki, and he just goes along with it after some basic complaints.

Hentai game review: forbidden love with my wife’s sister

I suggest it for anyone into the genre, or as an introduction for anyone to short-but-sweet visual novels except the NTR-allergic. What ensues is a forceful seduction as Sasa corners Masayuki, and has her way with him. The very first scene is literally Sasa cornering him, and you progress the scene by choosing parts of Sasa to grope. It has a variety of fetishes like non-consent, seduction, light femdom, NTR, sis-complex, large breasts, and others.

It has a clear story that builds into a couple endings. View all posts.

Forbidden love with my wife’s sister walkthrough (appetite / mangagamer)

The style itself is closer to my preference than some more modern games, though it is definitely a product of its time. If the story stands out for what it could have been, it is the voice work that stands out for what it is. Her enthusiasm, the way she manages to blend words with breathing sounds, the childish whine she can impart contrasted with an ability to speak with a sultry breathiness, all adds up to quality.