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The most common injury is a direct blow to the male genital area. Most often this happens from being hit by a ball or getting kicked in the genital area.

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You also could lie down and take it easy for a while. Reviewed by: Melanie L. Pitone, MD. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size.

Is this your symptom?

You see it in movies all the time. If you're a boy, you probably already know your penis and scrotum are sensitive. It's also possible a boy might have pain in his scrotum or testicles, even if he didn't get injured or bumped. Make sure you tell a parent so you can see a doctor if:.

Let's start with some definitions. It can happen if someone bumps or kicks a boy there. The good news is that these injuries are not usually serious, though a boy will usually feel pain and could even feel nauseated for a while. It can happen while he's riding his bike or playing sports.

In that case, it could be an infection or other problem, so it's important that the boy tell his mom or dad.

Are you sick?

We know one boy who found a tick on his scrotum. The bottom line is that a parent needs to know so the boy can get medical care. For Boys: Trouble "Down There". You might have grown up calling it something else, but penis say: PEE-niss is the official word for this part of a boy's body. Good thing he told his mom and she could remove it.

Lots of boys don't like the idea of telling anyone about a problem with their penis, testicles, or scrotum. Injuries Unfortunately, there are lots of ways for a boy to hurt his penis or scrotum. Some guy gets hit right in the privates.

Why do so many men with big penises think they have small ones?

The bones of your ribcage protect your heart and lungs. Rashes and other infections can make a boy feel itchy or cause pain in the private zone. But it's a good idea to tell a parent if you get this kind of injury, just in case. Other Trouble Down There It's also possible a boy might have pain in his scrotum or testicles, even if he didn't get injured or bumped. The good news is that a boy doesn't have to tell everyone — like his whole class! That was one rude tick! Make sure you tell a parent so you can see a doctor if: the pain is really bad the pain doesn't go away in an hour the scrotum is bruised, swollen puffyor punctured has a hole in it you keep feeling like you are going to throw up or you keep vomiting you get a fever These are s of a more serious injury, so seeing a doctor is a must.

Are you sick?

He just needs to tell his mom, dad, or another adult who can get him to the doctor, if needed. Muscles protect other internal organs, like your liver and kidneys. Another kind of problem — a urinary tract infection UTI — can cause burning when a boy pees. Unfortunately, there are lots of ways for a boy to hurt his penis or scrotum.

This area also has a lot of nerve endings — which make it extra-sensitive — so if a soccer ball accidentally whams into a boy in that spot, it really hurts. It might be a little embarrassing, but if the problem isn't treated, it could get much worse and be really uncomfortable.

But unless you count your underwear, there's no protection for a boy's penis or scrotum. The testicles are loosely attached to the body and are made of a spongy material, so they're able to absorb most collisions without permanent damage. Meanwhile, your mom or dad could give you an ice pack to apply and some pain relievers to take.

Why did he punch me in the dick?

Sometimes, the injury might be more serious. If it's a minor injury, the pain should slowly go away in less than an hour.

Some sports require boys to wear special underwear with a shield, called an athletic cup, to protect the penis and scrotum, but most of the time boys don't wear this kind of protection. And more important, what do you do if you're having pain or another problem "down there"?

What if a Boy Is Too Embarrassed? Minor injuries don't usually cause long-term problems.