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Hiccup and astrid pregnant, Ethiopians astrid looking and boy for pregnant

He doesn't hide his smile when he sees the sight in front of him.

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I ended up doing two prompts in one.

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Astrid gives birth to zephyr

His gentle words clenched her throat and overwhelmed her heart. We were so careful to prevent it. But eventually was still too close to when her and Hiccup had planned to bear. Your preferences in fiction should not dictate how someone else tells their story. Many limitations, though most would be temporary, were to come. Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive.

Two weeks passed, and Astrid became more relaxed with the secret, easily storing it away in the back of her mind. Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

General hofferson

Yep, this happened. Astrid scrubbed her face in worry. Hiccup was talking with Valka at the kitchen table. Toothless greeting Stormfly. Her second month of missing her cycle rolled around, and Astrid was now sure she was with. Astrid sniffled, feeling like the worst Viking in history for being such a blubbery mess. Her breasts were tender, and her leggings were growing tighter.

Unexpected, a hiccstrid one-shot httydobsessed13 requested a one-shot where married! I could make them their own flight suit! She was late.

Unexpected, a hiccstrid one-shot

They were so careful. Any changes???? Remake of this post!

We always do. How could this happen? Moments were right for her to, but words eluded her and the apprehension of his reaction.

For the first time since she realized she may be with child, the weight lifted, and Astrid felt like she could truly smile again. The urge to cry over anything, usually ridiculous stuff like Stormfly squawking happily at her or hearing Gobber play a melancholy tune on his pipes, switched on the waterworks. She was physically exhausted, her emotions spiraled in all different directions, and she craved roasted lambchop to the point of madness.

She hated throwing up. Hiccup knelt beside his wife. Night Fury book of dragons. On their wedding night, Hiccup had spoken of waiting to have. Recently Liked. Of course, I noticed. That was until one evening after dinner. This is crazy indeed! Hiccup pulled her into a warm embrace.

She had to wait, lock up this discovery until she knew for sure. Her emotions were increasingly unhinging. After a good ten minutes of standing still, Astrid finally felt like she could move again without her stomach rebelling on her. She made it into the house, wishing only to crawl under the furs of the bed and curl into a ball. If she was with child, how would Hiccup take it? December 5, See this in the app Show more. At first, she was on high alert for the few s she had gathered from her mother and other women around Berk because many were ready to give unsolicited advice on childbearing.

Now onward to some less popular hcs.

She tried to ignore it as she gave Stormfly a goodnight scratch, but it kept getting worse. He was already suspicious at the changes she was displaying, but he never questioned her. Footfalls ascended the stairs a minute later. Astrid learned how to manage it.

Peter Jackson. She discarded her shoulder armor, skirt, and boots before laying down. No more secrets. Hiccup cocked his head lower to meet her red-rimmed eyes. She wondered how long it would take him to piece it all together when he saw no evidence.

Confessions of a long-haired weirdo — unexpected, a hiccstrid one-shot ((

Astrid knew a way of prevention — another important detail her mother had shared with her. With knees drawn to her chest, she hid her face in her arms, angry at the tears leaking onto her leggings. Astrid counted the days on the calendar, the dread slowly seeping into her veins with every passing. She stopped dead in her tracks and began to take deep breaths to control it from getting worse. The roasted chicken, cabbage, and wild greens her and Valka cooked together was delicious for once, and Astrid had scarfed down every bit of food on her plate.

Hey Norman, whatcha thinking about now? Performing spins and barrel rolls was out of the question. Astrid aled for Stormfly to go play with Toothless, and the dragon bounded out to greet her friend. Astrid raised her head, rubbing the tears away.

General hofferson

Astrid quietly climbed the stairs leading to the bedroom. She clung to him and buried her face into his neck. Her and Hiccup had followed the preventions, and it had worked for 7 months. The secret nagged at her and Astrid almost spilled one night to Hiccup while they laid in bed, his hand roaming across her belly asking if it was that time of the month. Astrid laughed, laying a hand on his chest, her spirits high.

His eyebrows knitted. Not long before the wedding, her mother had instructed her of the s of pregnancy. Astrid started back to the house when a horrible wave of nausea crashed upon her. Eating seed wafers helped stem her stomach troubles and it became a habit carrying them wherever she went. Astrid laughed nervously.