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With Bodybuilding and fitness expert Erny Peibst has compiled a list of the top 10 female bodybuilders who are seriously ripped.

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I was feeling like doing another battle blog, but this battle has no winner. Let me explain.

Name: Gretchen
Years: I'm 24 years old
What is my nationaly: Ethiopian
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got clear green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My gender: Fem
I understand: French
Sign of the zodiac: My Sign of the zodiac Aries
What I like to drink: Tequila
What is my favourite music: Opera
Other hobbies: Drawing

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Follow Bland on Instagram at monetsamone. Extra shoutout to my homie ihviiimattvincent for all the yells and hype. Challenge myself with some higher percentage work. Push your comfort zone to set the tone for the week! Talk about a qualified fitness expert.

Follow Svendbye on Instagram at smashleysvendbye. There are plenty of women on social media who take fitness to the next level, but some are in a league of their own when it comes to moving heavy weights. Mondays Amiright????!! The best has felt in a long time. Follow King on Instagram at kingmorghan.

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Pause deadlifts lbs x 1 again, then RDLs - lbs for 3 sets of 10 today!! Meep, meep! Energy PR in the gym day by day for sureeee???? Earlier this year, she set some solid PRs in the gym despite the fact that her training Hot been more bodybuilding-focused. A post shared by Katie Anne? Follow Forberg on Instagram at maddyforberg. She makes deadlifting look pretty easy. Shown Reverse lungs: lbs x 10 each leg on my fifth set.

This week will be a much needed taper and recovery time?? The 63kg Olympic weightlifter is a certified personal trainer at Equinox, a level one CrossFit-certified trainer, and is USA weightlifting level one-certified. Her meet PRs are a kg lb squat, Follow Rutherford on Instagram at katieanne I miss you guys. Olympic weightlifter Jenny Arthur is an absolute powerhouse with three national championship wins under her belt at the age of She also earned a spot the Olympic Games with Team USA and holds the 75kg American clean and jerk record at kg lbas well as the record for total weight lifted with kg lb.

Feeling good. Volume overall powerlifters more easily sustained being in a caloric surplus. Hatfield squats: lbs x 10 on my fifth set. Transformation Tuesday: Deadlift Edition. Coming female. Follow Amos on Instagram at epicerinamos.

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Back on the diet today gainz? A post shared by Amanda Lawrence miss. Mattie Rogers barely missed going to the Rio Olympics inbut the year-old Team USA weightlifter holds the 69kg American record in snatch with kg lbclean and jerk with kg lband total weight lifted with kg lb. Follow Toomey on Instagram at tiaclair1. At 20 years old, Erin Amos has already had a serious athletic career.

Her social media is full of training videos and fun lifestyle content, showing that striking a balance is key. Follow Lucero on Instagram at jessicalucero9.

These female athletes will make you want to go harder in the gym.

I love this sport for the challenge it brings. They all inspire the fuck out of me. Here's a kgs snatch which is a 1kgs pr! Marisa Inda has been in the fitness game for more than 20 years, and it shows in her strength and physique. A post shared by Natalie Hanson natalie. Thank you everyone who attended! Follow Inda on Instagram at marisainda. Toomey, 25, won gold in the 58kg event at the Commonwealth Games, and she competed at the Summer Olympics.

BW: 55kg, about a month out from the Arnold. The NYE lift fundraiser party at pathweighperformance was so much fun and the energy was incredible!! In just six years of full-time weightlifting, the year-old, 48kg lifter finished sixth at the Rio Olympics and etched her name into the American record books with an 83kg lb snatch.

With a Follow Melo on Instagram at daniellamelo. World Championships here we come A post shared by Jenny Arthur jenny. Attached are a few videos from this past week.

This was an awesome event. Follow Lawrence on Instagram at miss. These top-tier athletes are just the sort of role models that both athletes and casual gym-goers alike can look to for the inspiration and motivation they need to crush every workout.

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Thanks to everyone that has helped make this happen. Back in December, she hit a Follow Buettner on Instagram at djessicabuettner. Shown Bench: lbs x 7 on my fifth set. Saturday, 16th of February reebokcrossfitofficine. I am at the end of my Hot recent block and I set a couple of female personal records.

Feeling a lot like a Monday with mismatch socks, no lifting shoes, and the weight was feeling heavyyyyyy - my reaction says it all -there was some cursing in the process. Sorry rpstrength, I took a day off for Xmas lol. Rogers has also become a fan favorite on Instagram, amassing more thanfollowers and bringing awareness to elite weightlifting. Follow Arthur on Instagram at jenny.

Wow, feels damn good. Powerlifter Kristen Dunsmore is the reigning national champion in the kg category, boasting a In addition to some of her strongest lifts, her Instagram shows off plenty of functional fitness routines that are just as impressive.

Saturday, 9th of February powerlifters HQ? Sunday, 10th of February crossfitkreis9. R E A D Y for another week of work.

It does not come easy. Closer stance, stretch reflex, keeping lats much tighter, really pulling the slack outta the bar, better breathing and bracing at the top, and obviously much cooler socks. Feb versus May can you spot the changes? Training fueled by chadleysangels and rpstrength. I love lifting.

A quick look at their social media will show you why these women have garnered serious followings. Follow Robles on Instagram at roblympian. The two-time, IPF female champ also co-founded Beefpuff Barbella remote training service for powerlifters of all experience levels.

Jessica Lucero is a four-time national champion Olympic weightlifter who holds the 58kg American records for a 93kg lb snatch, kg lb clean and jerk, and kg lb total weight lifted. Thanks to Coach Doherty Hot for all the help and always making the best calls in the powerlifters at the perfect times!

So much work inside and outside of the gym for moments like this! I am still not quite sure how I will structure my next training block, but I am hoping to up the intensity if all goes well and my body feels good. Follow Rogers on Instagram at mattiecakesssss. Sunday, 17th of February wit. The year-old nursing student and up-and-coming 57kg powerlifter has made steady improvements since getting her start in powerlifting, and she constantly updates her social media with everything from new PRs to her love of food and beer.

Follow her on Instagram at natalie. When it comes to pushing PRs, few powerlifters have been making progress as quickly as Amanda Lawrence.