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Makoto street fighter 5, I liked looking up street that Makoto transvetite

Capcom released their popularity poll about two years ago that they conducted during the heart of Street Fighter 5's lifespan, and one character's omission has stuck out like a sore thumb

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They are also popular characters that would get SFV fans hyped. Makoto is also one of the most popular Street Fighter characters in the franchise.

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Internet in Singapore is unlimited, 1 gbps and only 39 SGD per month. Daemos still waiting on my AV. You know that he is still hoping for more.

We got used to her doing massive damage with a single setup in street fighter 3: third strike, that could be a rough fit in the current title

Also, that game has some seriously weird stuff going on. The big names are all already in anyway, which is why SF5 has an impeccable roster of characters. Although, I have my own biases motivated by story and other shit which makes me want a character like Rose, Effie, or Tom in more. Gotta actually play to claim that lol.

Hit confirmable. Then yeah, it could be even worse. Or just go bananas on some arcade mode. No fillers please.

It was so good and I had so much fun with it. If Makoto or Viper SF5 and remain similar they will both bring a lot of salt and hate. Everything has to be done with intentionality or it is meaningless.

Had crazy pushback on block. When looking at the present I see shit everywhere, so looking forward makes me feel positive. Thing is, remember the classic Akhos rants? Dropped Cammy, went back to Ryu. Well, in theory.

That means he got my AV for a month. I want Makoto to be in the game, I think she is by de arguably the first SF5 character. That ish was crazy. Back when I used to play P4A, I managed to get to the equivalent of like, Super Silver, despite not even knowing what frame data was. If you need a confidence boost play me lol.

Regardless of whatever shows up later, he got more than 2 chars this season. VF3 is like bizarro world VF. Fun, but yeah, wacky as hell. It will be great.

Where you at? It was a massive poke of doom when he had you cornered.