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My girlfriend is a stripper, Dancer stripper picking girlfriend for pleasures

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By ChesnickFebruary 7, in Relationship Advice. I haven't utilized this site in ages, but this week I find myself in quite an interesting situation, and I'm curious to see what others might think.

Name: Tricia
How old am I: 70
Nationality: Nigerian
My favourite drink: Gin
Music: Pop
I like: Doing puzzles
Body piercings: I don't have piercings

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All I can do is stand by and watch her do it and see if she likes it. I thought her life would be all about alcohol, drugs and sex, but all her fellow musicians were family men, sober and professional. It's going to haunt me that something like this is what potentially breaks her and I up. It's also scary that she is so willing to give up so much just to be able to strip.

5 things you must know before dating a stripper (as written by one)

Lots to say about the experience on my part. I'm completely against the idea of her being a stripper. Its too bad she chose the sex industry, but thats her choice, now its up to you to choose what is right for you. This is the worst feeling I've ever had in my life.

Best way to deal with it, is not to think about it really. So here's what she's really saying Her plan is.

In the end I'm starting to think there's nothing I can do. I'll make my decision to stay or not based on how I feel about it. Your lady is of age, a free thinking individual. Thank you so much for understanding. I keep telling myself I should just leave now and tell her she's turning into a person I can't be with.

It tells me she is in full revolt of everything she sees as her normal life. She tends to be very shy and in her own words "clueless" when faced with difficult social interactions. I must say this is really hard on me. Well the night is over and we did everything we mentioned in my last post except the lap dance. If that happens. Thank you to anyone who bothers responding. It seems that the stereotypes are wrong sometimes.

You guys are right. I asked her why she didn't tell me and she said because she knows the whole thing still bothers me and thought it would be better if I didn't know. Hopefully she will hate it. I just wish it wasn't happening. Work is work only if we really know to keep it like work. Chadbud, all I can do is say that it would bother me too. I don't even know what to think anymore. I'm just so confused.

I've seen her frequently search "how to be a stripper" stuff online and also shop for stripping clothes. I asked her what she meant and she said "well incase I need to move out I can move in with her" her sister just got kicked out of her last apartment.

You feel what you feel; it's not something you can help. That's what I'm really doing. What I'm really looking for is I guess thats sort of corny. If you want to "lessen the blow" think of the worst possible situation happening, and if something better happens, Great!

My girlfriend’s job as a stripper has made me better at relationships

She admitted that she was talking to her sister about possibly going out to check out some more local strip clubs Just them two. Do I stick around? The girl I thought I was going to go all the way with is taking a path I can't follow.

I know I'm handling this situatin right. I know only I can make that decision but it's like saying. I think it's her excitement for feeling passionate about something that makes her so determined and even ready to possibly give me up and her family's approval. First off, she seems a lot happier that I'm not standing her way of trying stripping anymore.

Men confess: i'm dating a stripper and this is what it's really like

Any advice on how to handle the situation or emotionally handle my girlfriend being a stripper would be incredible. She says she's just keeping her sister around and on good terms for -insurance. And what I'm doing now is taking her out to some loacl strip clubs and showing her what it's really like inside of a strip club We'll probably get her a lap dance too.

She doesn't want her family to find out but is prepared to do it anyway. Its not like stippers don't have relationships. My girlfriend of 7 years has been pressuring me over the past few months that she really wants to try being a stripper. Let her make her choice, if she does decide she wants to do it, and if you are with it, make your choice from there.

The fact that she says she likes it is even more disheartening for me to hear and makes me feel like this will probably lead to her getting a job somewhere and trying it for at least a few weeks. It seems odd to me that a shy and socially awkward person would pick that to do.

She says she's never wanted to do something so bad in her life. We are so close and have had a strong relationship for 7 years. Mostly negative things. Or do I leave? So, I told her we will visit a strip club. After a while of saying no to the matter I've finally said that I'll let her try it because arguing over it for a long period will only make things worse. If she hates it then that's that and she's done with it.

Neat, have you been going out to the strippers lately and she thinks this might impress you I dated a professional soul singer once. And you have gone ahead for her to actually feel how strippers go about their work so let her decide ,she is not a. If she wants to strut her naked self in front of a bunch of half drunk perverts there is not a dam ed thing you can do about it!

Girlfriend wants to become a stripper..

Also, the "tons of money" for just "having fun" her words is a big appeal for her to do it. It depends on individual choice. Chadbud, You really need to rethink your position here. And then you decide what you want. Don't keep the relationship if that is what makes it or breaks it. Also, she has never been to a strip club herself. My girlfriends appeal in it is that she likes the idea of getting all done up and dancing on stage and feeling sexy.

To move in an apartment to share with her sister while they both strip. Some stuff I learned today has really put me off. After that, I told her we will look at a few different clubs and decide. Here's the few things that should be understood My ificant other has always had issues with social situations and encounters.

But then another side of me tells me that maybe if I just stick things out like I planned. She's interested in the money and she also feels like it's an empowering experience where she just gets to dance and the work is relatively easy.

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You can talk til you are blue in the face and still not change her mind. I asked her what she was talking to her sister about because she really dislikes her sister because of all the trouble she causes in the family. But if she really likes it. I told her that her sister is trouble and she knows that. Does it tell you she really cares what you think? Yeah its only her first club shes visited and everything but I tried to take it for what it was AND the fact that she thinks thats something I could even possibly think was alright.

What's happening to her? Focus on yourself and things will play out naturally.

Forcing things make it worse in the end, it may have immediate though. I know they have relationships outside of work. And wait until she actually becomes a stripper, that maybe she will end up hating it and we can move on from this. I told her she's risking the relationship and I think she's okay with that.

If you stop her by force both of you will not be happy. I told her that not only is associating herself with her sister who is a very destructive person.