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Naruto futa fanfic, Filipina Naruto look up futa for fanfic

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Ongoing, First published Jun 12, First published Jun 12, This story is mostly NaruHina with a lil bit of BoltHimawari and Sarada This story takes place after Naruto becomes Hokage and Bolt and Sarada are 17 years old and Himawari 15 It has strong lemon scenes and incest volume From wattpad. A Couple Steps Back.

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The story is short. ed : 7 years ago Views : 59, File size : Please to post a comment. Anonymous to read messages. Also you mentioned Tsunade's breasts and you didn't actually do something with them That is Chekov's gun there "If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired.

The sex is lackluster I found that part B felt less I think that has to do with Naruto having more to do, even if that 'more' is whispering a name and watching somebody get eaten. Yes, he has been broken by Tsunade but at least a few nods to that fact will bring a certain logic to the world.

Naruto Futa Fun - Tsunade - Ending A This is my first attempt at writing a story so any feedback to help me improve my writing will be helpful. The digestion scene in 'B' could have been drawn out more, as Naruto simply accepts his fate.

Even if that world is basically Naruto being raped by a Futa-Tsunade and her eating somebody from team 7.

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