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Party cove lake pleasant az, Cove party lake pleasant for strangets

Both ramps have restroom facilities, paved parking lots, and are functional to a water elevation of 1, feet. Motorized watercrafts must be launched from the 10 Lane or 4 Lane boat ramps — no launching from the shoreline.

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This area, which has been a popular naturist area for many years, is like a Garden of Eden in the middle of the desert. I've read that nudity on the north shore isn't uncommon and is somewhat tolerated. Cross the bridge and turn right onto the dirt road just beyond it. Body positivity is about celebrating all shapes and sizes — curvy, plus-size, thin, athletic, dad bods, muffin tops. This canyon area has usually year-round water, a wide variety of native plants, scenic waterfalls, and deep, natural swimming holes with lovely, clear water. Being able to enjoy a resort like Mira Vista without having to wear clothes just adds to the level of relaxation.

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I usually go a few times a year, the rest is parker and havasu. Water level fluctuates a ton there, not so much day to day but overall year round it changes probably 50 ft or more. The party stuff is usually holidays from what I know.

My pops drove up there today and said there are alot of big cuddy cabin cruisers and sail boats in the marina so I'm guessing it gets windy. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Click to expand Bigborer Well-Known Member. Fishing is pretty good, ive caught 20 plus striper in a day there to myself several times. There was an all orange cat in Eagles Nest then saw it running later in the day. Activated Deplorable. Other than that its a bring your stuff and float all day lake, I get bored within an hour honestly.

Also spotted the all white skater out there.

The 10 lane can get pounded in storms. Being the closest large lake to Phoenix it really gets crowded on weekends, probably more so than Havasu. ed Jan 1, Messages 6, Reaction score 7, I would like to explore it on boat and maybe overnight it. I'm probably going to make a weekend trip out there at some point this summer.

ed Dec 20, Messages Reaction score I've never been to lake pleasant, but seems like a decent place from pics. Close Menu. We would go there early and late summer when the crowds were less but most of the time we opted for the longer drive for the day. Pleasant is a cool local spot but doesn't compare to the river or Powell.

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Mardonzi Pull!! ed Aug 3, Messages Reaction score I do like Lake Pleasant but, like many have said, it is too crowded for my liking on Holidays and weekends. ed May 25, Messages Reaction score Wasn't me. I'm partial to the South marina ramp. Boat Bling said:. ed Jan 3, Messages Reaction score Might end up out there one of these weekends Now that we are in Phoenix we need to start going back out. Search titles only. Wasn't close enough to see clearly if it was you. Were you out last Saturday? Install the app. Boat Bling Well-Known Member.

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It's a big party atmosphere much like Havasu. ed Jun 28, Messages 23, Reaction score 9, Cops make a good living on drunk drivers leaving the lake. Waitresses usually are pretty hot. ed Apr 28, Messages 15, Reaction score 26, Stainless said:. You are using an out of date browser. ed Jun 1, Messages 5, Reaction score 9, When we lived on the West side of Phoenix, we would drive to the river for the day versus the summer crowds on Pleasant, if all we had time for was a day trip.

Log in Register. Its an ok lake, nothing special. Eggbeatn ur Ass said:. Thread starter Eggbeatn ur Ass Start date Jul 1, Eggbeatn ur Ass Well-Known Member. Regular weekends maybe some but nothing like holidays. ed Dec 21, Messages 13, Reaction score 18, Anywhere you have marinas you get the second home folks docking bigger boats. ed May 20, Messages 1, Reaction score 1, Was out there last Saturday and going back Fri-Sat this week for fireworks on the water.

Lake pleasant arizona party cove

Log in. Ibeplumbing Well-Known Member. As said before no beaches, all rock, dillons is good and a decent place to hangout. Not sure where you're located but I wouldn't drag the boat more than a couple hours to visit. YOLO said:.

Forums New posts Search forums. Lots of inexperienced boaters IMO because of the easy fwy access. As far as wind its not bad except it does get hit hard during monsoons. DickieB Well-Known Member.

ed Feb 2, Messages 1, Reaction score I live 15 minutes from doorstep to the lake. Nice lake though. Pleasant is a fairly large, clean, deep lake but can get busy during summer weekends. Any body have some good input on what to expect, where to launch or where to go? Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Stainless Banned. Keep an eye on the weather and don't wait to get shelter or get off. Sunday brings the party crowd to Humbug cove.

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Go for the rib tips. Articles New articles New comments Search articles. I do know that the ro to the marinas get backed up for miles and miles on those weekends.

New posts. Thanks for the input. I generally make a lunch run to Dillon's during the week nowadays but damn sure had a good time in my younger years at Humbug And yes, the sheriffs are thick as thieves there so beware!!! But I'd rather be on the water hanging with my pops vs sitting in the ac all weekend. New posts Latest activity Log in Register.

It is not a bad lake but gets really busy and for an extra 45 minutes to an hour drive, we were on the river. Activated said:. Ive never been on big weekends there, as im always at parker or havasu on those.