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Tattletale lounge atlanta, I lounge dating Tattletale who wants atlanta

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There are no more Tweets in this stream. Tattletale Lounge Girls, Girls, Girls. Need we say more? This is the ultimate rock n roll strip club experience.

Name: Trina
How old am I: I am 65
Caters to: Guy
Eye tint: I’ve got dark gray-blue eyes
My sex: Lady
Color of my hair: Dark-haired hair
What is my Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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The value is great, because its decently priced, and again the girls are all good looking, even the waitresses. I'd say probably third best in my life. On top of that, you could see residues of white powder on her nose. The cover was cheap compared to up North. Hey boys :- It's Eve. Yes I'm back.

Tattletale lounge gift

And so were the lap dances I'm used to paying double. They have the most beautiful fun energetic day shift I've ever seen. This place rocked!

She has totally ruined me for clubs because she plays without playing me. Gotta go back an get it lol. There are a bunch of hotties, but Eve is my favorite. All and all a hidden treasure and hours of fun! Where os Star? There is one other girl I like but forgot her name. Although not the manager she walks around greeting everyone with a smile and a hug.

You can always call the club and ask what my schedule is going to be for that week, or if I am in that night Thanx for the good review and I hope to see you soon. Avoid a girl named Tori. Some are hot, some average, but all very sweet.

They have the sexiest bodies! I have to say, I'm no longer going to be a Tattle Tale regular I think Mardi Gras is my new hang out spot. I was getting my wallet prepared for another round with the same silicone injected, gold-digging ladies I see every time from Cheetah, when our cab driver suggested we try something different at a place he knew about. Ever dancer is attractive and pleasant to atlanta to except for a girl named Secret,I do not go into a club to hear nothing but her problems. So captivating when she walks into the room, every man watches her. They've re-done everything and it's really nice.

I had the one of the best plates of pasta! My guys seemed more interested than I was at first but a change of scenary and some fresh faces and bodies would be nice so I gave it a try. All the girls are very friendly and seem to enjoy working there. The girls are always hot. I had some girl named Victoria.

I have been to many clubs locally and around the country. I'm working tonight Mon. Jan 4th '10tomorrow 5th Fri. I'm lounge to be tattletale mostly Fridays and Saturdays. At a strip club?! She is he most breath taking women I have ever seen. TATS has the best bartender and Troy males everyone feel taken care of. Beautiful, sexy, classy and down to earth. One more plus, the best DJ around.

Last night I went to Mardi Gras and on stage there she was! My lounges are Eve and Rachel. Great guys hang out spot! Tattle Tale has gone down hill. She dances by Eden now though. You get them girls shaking bro?? Great club if you get the right girl — I like this club, because it's always busy atlanta has a lot of attractive girls. This guy knows exactly what he is doing,Go Beebs!!! The day staff make you feel welcome,like you've been going there for years.

There were lots of girls, and we were even able to get a section for us because we had a large group of people. We had our typical "man's night out" at the steakhouse. My fave gal Eve is now at Mardi Gras? True its smaller but so tattletale it.

After meeting several sweet girls, I met a very sexy brunette named Bailey.

Tattletale lounge

The best lady in there although not a dancer is their "House Mom". I was missing seeing her smile and the rest of her! Great hang out. No drama or attitude.

Plenty of space, a door instead of curtain, flat screen tv, stripper pole, it seemed nice. My favorite strip club in Atl — I like the laid back atmosphere here. LOL Highly recommended! My first experience at the club was bad, but others have made it my favorite club.

Drugs being sold in the bathroom, pimps lurking in the parking lot Awesome Dayshift — This is one of those places you will be glad you took the time to try. The best bartender in atl. I had to ask a manager to get rid of her.

I could go on about her great personality and her beautiful lips and eyes but the memory I really took home was that amazing bubble butt. Who'd ever guess?! We went 2 night that week and had the best time!

Tattletale lounge

Great place to just chill, have a few drinks, and enjoy the show. It's classy. Way to DJ Jason! And I am so glad I did! The best girl in Atlanta works there. Avoid her and never give this sex worker your personal details. Bailey just "had" to show me this new suite the club had built. It's kinda weird to call her a different name after so many years, but "Eden" works too I haven't been to Mardi Gras in forever.

Great for Guys — This a great little spot for boys night. You don't even have to pay a certain price, you just tip the chef whatever you want. It seemed a little shady when we first drove up, but when we got inside it was pretty nice.

The girls are not as pushy as other strip clubs. Ask for Laura.

What a sleeze. She very aggressive and will literally drag you into a VIP room. I am definately an ass man, and this one has got it! This club was what my friends and I were really hoping to find: A laid back atmosphere, FAST drink service, beautiful pole-dancing ladies, and plenty of VIP rooms for all.