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I got enlisted weighing 70KG. But I presisted about giving me another job, So I got a new job at a supply shed, only me and my commander.

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First pic was taken on November 27th. The other was taken today.

Name: Kevina
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We can care about more than one thing at a time, we can care about ableism, fatphobia and the intersection of these things. This is exactly the type of seemingly-inconsequential interaction that starts the ball rolling on a lifetime of dieting, disordered eating, negative body image, and weight-based abuse for too many fat people.

And I have read every single one of them. It treats human beings as lesser than others and hurts them in their most vulnerable times. The chapters of the books on any topic are always divided into 1. Welcome to the world that fat people live in. Holy cow!!! And tbh, I get more abuse for being fat than I do for being disabled.

People are complicated and these type of questions are so often from a disingenous place. We need to completely eliminate weight talk from medicine, especially when it comes to children. The doctor got her into an exercise programme and told her that she just needed to really try to lose weight because that was clearly the reason for her breathing problems. I was overweight but first thing he did was order an X-ray to see what was wrong.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Virility equals mass. A friend from college had been going to the doctor because she was having trouble breathing. She felt nauseated at the sight of food and had abdominal pain that increased with physical activity. She was They killed her. Please do not listen to anything he has to say about your body. Do not let fat bodies be alien to you, do not otherize fat. Too many people base their understanding of fat bodies on plus size models, who are photoshopped, molded with cut outs, and chosen specifically because of how they thin fit conventional beauty standards. But at least when I go get treatment for my disability, I can get healthcare without having to lose weight or otherwise change lifestyle first.

Like, airlines have to accommodate my disability by law, but they can still abuse me and kick me off a flight for being fat. She is super cute and sweet. And the ones I can get are in the lovely color options of grey or beige. They are unable to control their weight talk, which is a known harm for children.

When you see fatness as not tumblr a disease, but as a self-inflicted one thereby reflecting on your moral characteryou end up with a society that treats fat people like shit to the point of killing them. Or not. I no longer allow healthcare providers to weight my children unless it is absolutely medically necessary. My mom had me dieting with her when I was eleven. There are hundreds of thousands of notes on this post, and probably tens of thousands of stories.

No body is a bad body. All bodies deserve to be seen and to see themselves. I could go on. This is amazing!!!

Furthermore, just because that was your experience does not mean that everyone in your country has the same experience. Seeing plus size models as our only rep only ends up setting out a new, impossible goal for fat people. This is too much for me. Does this really happen? When he was 10 months old I took him for his well-baby check and vaccinations. After several months of this her baby passed out cold one day and was rushed into hospital where the doctors found her to have severe malnutrition, a low body temperature and low pulse rate.

She needs the nutrients and the water.

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This should be normalized. My little sister started to feel fatigued and dizzy at 9 years old. As for the intersectionality OP is talking about: what they mean is that fat people have a deck of cards stacked against them.

That being said, at this point we need to acknowledge that thin people also experience medical issues. Carrie is a champion for all, you HAVE to see her excellent work and check these tattoos out! It sends the message that you can fail at being skinny AND fail at being fat, which is an awful thing to do. She only lived three months after diagnosis.

She was told to lose weight.

Hmm, these buttoned last week

Thin privilege absolutely exists, up to a point. I have to pay twice as much for a wheelchair or crutches because cheaper ones are only deed for thin people. Gotta do all the damn work for these fatphobic doctors. France was prominent, IIRC. May I recommend the Morpho book about fat and skin folds! Even the smallest exposure can have terrible consequences. I am merely begging for nuance. My youngest son is a very big boy and has been since he was born.

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It sucks to be a thin disabled person because the world is not set up to accommodate disability well. We emphasized to her that we need to keep trying to get the baby to drink her bottle until she finished it.

Asked by mildly-salted. Are thin people even aware that there is a max weight limit on all these things? Inthe National Institutes of Health lowered the overweight threshold from But critics noted that those guidelines were drafted in part by the International Obesity Task Force, whose two principal funders were companies making weight loss drugs.

My tummy's looking squishy

Fat people deserve art and media that reflect fat bodies honestly. Fatphobia kills kids and teenagers, fatphobia kills inocent people everyday. This reminds me of a cousin of mine who ended up with her kids being taken away from her by social services for a of reasons but mostly for nearly killing her baby daughter.

I imagine the info provided in this book can work very well paired with those reference photos. They are not indicative of how most fat bodies look. What purpose does it serve? Socially, while women are usually advantaged when it comes to thinness, thin men are likely to struggle with body image issues thin compared to their chubby counter parts I mean chubby; at a higher scale the social dynamic shifts around. She still, to this day, maintains the view that she was right and the doctors were wrong.

Italian here. He refuses to eat any solids yet. Lately, she has been sick with various breathing issues, so she has been reluctant to take her bottles. A parent brought in their six month old baby who was having breathing issues and kept getting sick. The BMI was invented by Adolphe Quetelet, the 19th century statistician who invented phrenologist anthropometry.

I hope you got food allergy help or the referral as needed. Why would you want to put these groups against each tumblr There was a substitute covering a lunch break in my classroom today. We need to stop seeing dogwhistles everywhere. One of fat baby girls is fat, in the 99th percentile for her age. By starving her.

You got fat - bbw

Today, I was lucky to get to her take 5 all day. This is no joke. By the time they found the tumour on her lungs, it was inoperable. I say this not to negate or erase social fatphobia. But not because of weight. You may want to keep an eye on that. So I went to the doctor orthopedic. Being disabled sucks for all disabled people.

Fatphobia in medicine and everywhere else, really is absolutely a universal issue. Back when I was a teen my knees started to give me pain.