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Women who like pantyhose, Elitesingles like looking up woman who chatting

On the few times I see a women wearing stockings, they also wear dress slacks. Every time I hear or read about women wearing pantyhose, they mention how much they hate it.

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Follow: 0. Kate Loves Travel. The hosiery garment is available in different patterns and colors, which make them easier to match with different accessories and outfits. You look gorgeous and I love that hosiery. Top: Nordstrom Rack, white ruffle sleeve top similar here. Amanda Nicholas. Shoes: BCBG, hana ruffle pointed toe pump similar here and here.

Now, I look for opportunities to showcase my legwear of choice. Hosiery offers a simple yet inexpensive way to incorporate different styles and trends into your look. Pay attention to textures and details when …. Hosiery is a fashion statement and I am a total fan! Pantyhose offers an opportunity to express your creative self in an affordable way with low commitment. You could wear that pattern with everything! Looking for a fresh way to wear your old skirt or shorts? Today, hosiery outfits are fitted with trendy patterns, such as polka dots and plaid. Hosiery is more than just a mere undergarment.

Are they still a thing for women?

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Elizabeth O. Twitter Instagram Facebook Pinterest Bloglovin I love it. Bree L. I know! Sparkly black sounds amazing! Maybe I could try something like this with the right outfit. Live Learn Better. There is no right or wrong answer. I adore feminine stylish looks and find this look to be so. And you are right … pantyhose are not longer the restrictive, boring undergarments they used to be! The options are endless. My favorite pair is sparkly black.

It is an easy and fun way to add visual interest. It is a liberating form of self-expression. Handbag: Saint Laurent, medium college quilted leather shoulder bag. Polka dots and ruffles are my favorite! Camille - Paisley Grace Boutique. I just love the fun patterns; you rock the polka dots. That is so interesting — I had no idea that it was first invented so women could cover their legs to conform to society! Do you use it to conceal your legs or to express them?

I would rather freeze than wear any at all. Marjie Mare. Or choose hosiery that showcases your favorite fashion label. It is more than just for warmth. Darker colors make a lady look slimmer while other color shades, especially those matched with heels, make a leg line appear longer. Debbie Savage Author. There are so many stylescolorspatterns and compression levels to choose from. Recipe Rating.

The only time I wear hose is a winter wedding! Earrings: Nordstrom Rack, gold drop earrings, unavailable similar here and here. Sunglasses: Vince Camuto, black-rimmed sunglasses.

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Consider yourself a walking advertisement. Thanks for the reminder, I love how sexy it makes me feel! Now more than ever, there is more than just one reason why women wear hosiery. I love that style! I love trousers too! It adds another layer to your look by showcasing your individual style and vibe. Your white ruffle sleeve top is very trendy.

Take it from a woman: this is the best thing you can buy the lady in your life

I love the ones you are wearing though — they look really good! When you do wear hose — dots are so cute! Very elegant look. They are annoying for me. It is important to appreciate your body shape in determining the best hosiery to use. Ann Snook. Do you wear pantyhose? I must get myself something that nice soon. Wearing hosiery is more than keeping your legs warm during colder months. This looks is absolutely gorgeous.

Angela Tolsma.

For instance, a dark hose can be coordinated with a black skirt and complimented with a simple white or colored shirt into a look that suits a casual or official occasion. Look no further than your typical colored or pattern hosiery. It is all about freedom of expression!

Ladies, it is time to create some leg drama! I once thought pantyhose, hosiery, legwear, leggings…whatever you want to call it, was restrictive and uncomfortable.

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Soo cute!! Thank goodness pantyhose has been reinvented!

This adds splash and uniqueness to an otherwise simple and ordinary look. I rarely wear them as they are hard to get on and I always create holes in them. How do you feel about hosiery?

You may also enjoy:. One can almost find the perfect hosiery for their body regardless of their leg type or shape. Traditional dress codes of keeping your legs covered with legwear have been transformed into trendier and more appealing options. Pantyhose has evolved into a creative fashion element that sets an outfit apart.

I love the hosiery you are wearing! Fabletics x Madelaine Petsch Collection. It is a fashion statement.