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Aside from being an actress, she is also a talented dancer, video artist, and human rights advocate. Today we will talk more about this influential character and her journey towards Hollywood.

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Yasmine Al Massri is a Lebanese beautiful and popular actress. She is one of the glamorous women among Lebanese who entered into the cinematic world. Massri came to the media industry with the movie Caramel in Yasmine was very much fascinated by the media world from early childhood. Being interested in the media arena, she started her dancing career at the Souraya Baghdadi dance company after completing education. Yasmine Al Massri made her formal debut in the film industry with the movie Caramel inwhich is comedy-drama film directed by Nadine Labaki.

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See the full list. People are pairing up, mainly in secret like Shelby and Caleb who initially disliked each other. In the present time line, the FBI has given a shoot to kill order on Alex who seems to find help despite being America's most wanted.

Even Raina has the hots for Simon. Did you know Edit. Anna Diop Mia as Mia. Shauna Bradley Kira as Kira.

Top credits Director David McWhirter. Release date October 25, United States.

The Bureau, where someone's trying to frame me? Best of Top 10 Stars of the Year. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. The recruits most infiltrate top companies and meet the CEO by networking at a party undercover. Alex Parrish : Even an innocent person needs leverage, and you're mine. So you better get comfortable because we might be here for a while.

Yasmine al massri quantico gif by the paley center for media

Crime Drama Mystery Thriller. It's military origin, so that's Ryan or the Even Caleb could have gotten his hands on it through his family. Storyline Edit. They are told develop personalities but at the last minute told to switch them with the next person and asked by Miranda to go on an undercover mission where they have to pose as that person and infiltrate a company and meet the CEO.

Alex, Ryan, Nimah are among the most successful in this challenge. Learn more. This episode was bonking and bombing.

In the present, Liam's team tracks down Alex but she escapes from a mosque after keeping Shelby hostage and meets dark web hackers to spread her very incomplete version. Simon finds out that Caleb was near Grand Central station at the time of the bombing.

The only real piece of evidence points to you. Alex Parrish : To who? Technical specs Edit. User reviews 1 Review. Ian Finlay Anchor as Anchor.

Yasmine al massri quantico gif by the paley center for media

The E. He won't Alex Parrish : Would you please stop talking? Shelby Wyatt : Why did you do it? Photos Top cast Edit. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. David Alpay Duncan as Duncan. Shelby Wyatt : What, you mean the wire that you found in the apartment next to yours?

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David McWhirter. Caleb punishes Shelby for allegedly reporting bis forbidden use of the gun range, yet continues their impulsive sexual affair. Dolby Digital. You need to turn yourself in, Shelby. And if you really are innocent, you should worry about how guilty you look right now, because an innocent person does not take someone hostage.

Yasmine al massri

Edit. At Quantico training, the recruits learn how to develop aliases for effective infiltration. Shelby Wyatt : So turn yourself in. Alex Parrish : I didn't.

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Prismark10 Apr 15, Details Edit. United States.

Runtime 43 minutes. Director David McWhirter. Elias finds out that Simon has been lying but Simon confesses him that he lied to cope with what he did as an agent for the Israelis in Gaza. Top review.

Yasmine al massri: quick facts

Miranda must accept Liam's reasons for planting Ryan to check out Alex. Shelby Wyatt : They're going to catch you, Alex. In. Crime Drama Mystery. She contacts a hacktivist group and broadcasts a video giving her side of the story. Alex and Ryan get close when the trainees leave campus for their first undercover asment; Alex tells her side of the story in a public interview.

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That could point to anyone. Quotes Shelby Wyatt : They're going to catch you, Alex.

Shelby also now believes that Alex could not be the bomber. Nimah and Raina are confident that they could work together and no one twigged that they were two different people in the challenge as they switched places on the hour.